Technology Innovation Synergy in Empowering BTPN Daya's MSMEs Community

Written byIkhsan Hanif

29 Apr 2024

Technology Innovation Synergy in Empowering BTPN Daya's MSMEs Community

The digital world's evolution brings significant challenges and opportunities for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) simultaneously.

This has spurred BTPN Bank's initiative to embark on an innovation journey with SALT Indonesia to empower the MSMEs community through the website. is not just an informational website, but an innovative platform designed as a comprehensive empowerment hub and a solution for the digitalization needs of MSMEs.

Are you curious how a technology platform can become a game-changer in the MSMEs ecosystem? Dive deeper into this case study to explore the journey of innovation, strategy, and collaboration that strengthens the foundation of Indonesia's digital economy in line with BTPN Daya's vision & mission.

BTPN Daya program has long been a pioneer in Empowering the MSMEs Community. This program harbors a big dream of being at the forefront of addressing all the business needs of its members.

In the digital world, this dream certainly requires a venue—a place that can accommodate the aspirations of a broader and more profound community.

Faced with limited access and effective interaction between MSMEs and the resources they need, BTPN Daya was driven to seize an opportunity: to create a digital ecosystem capable of integrating services into one easy and efficient access.

To embrace this opportunity, BTPN Daya chose SALT Indonesia, a leading Technology Innovation Developer, to play a role in developing technology solutions that are not only innovative, but also inclusive for every member of the MSMEs community.

In finding technology solutions aligned with BTPN Daya's objectives, SALT Indonesia began with in-depth research to map out the path needed for platform development.

Besides creating a digital ecosystem that supports sustainable business growth, this research also aimed to uncover the basic needs of users, challenges faced, and market potentials yet untapped by the BTPN Daya MSMEs community.

We realized that there would be a shift in BTPN Daya's services, from Offline to a combination of Offline-Online. Based on the data and insights gathered by SALT Indonesia, it was decided that the best solution was to develop a website that could be easily accessed in various locations through the domain, considering the increasing internet penetration in Indonesia. is designed to be user-centric, serving as the hub for all community empowerment activities, from education to commercial transactions, enabling MSMEs to access various resources they need to grow.

This is a tangible solution to realizing a digitalization vision that focuses not only on technology, but also on the social impact that can be generated.

SALT Indonesia continued to develop solutions for the website platform by implementing 4 essential technology solutions to

1. Personalized Web Content

The first solution we implemented involved personalizing content based on the phase and level of the MSME's business operations.

Content is presented in various formats, from articles, videos, to dynamic & interactive commerce features developed using Pimcore. This seamless integration allows the MSMEs community to receive relevant information tailored to their needs.

This personalization is the key to enhancing user engagement and ensuring they derive value from their time on

2. In-depth UI/UX Research and Implementation

The second solution involved conducting thorough research and analysis on the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) for The aim was to align the website development process with the behavior patterns and preferences of BTPN Daya's MSMEs community members.

The insights from this research were then translated into the website's design and functionality, ensuring an intuitive interface and responsiveness to needs.

Every aspect of is designed to facilitate navigation, enhance user satisfaction, and strengthen the website's commercial and educational effectiveness.

3. Reliable Analytical Data

The third solution was to integrate with an advanced analytics platform that provides deep insights into user interactions on the website beyond what typical analytics platforms offer.

Unlike universal analytics solutions, this platform offers reliability in terms of data privacy and real-time accuracy.

The insights gained from this data significantly impact BTPN Daya's decision-making processes, such as adjusting business and marketing strategies, product development, and enhancing website features based on actual MSMEs community behavior.

4. Key Features Development on

The final solution developed by SALT Indonesia was the creation of key features that enrich the website's functionality based on the three previous solutions.

There are 6 features designed to support the empowerment of the BTPN Daya MSMEs community through

a. Educational and Inspirational Content goes beyond providing information; it offers stories that inspire. The material available is diverse, ranging from tutorials and case studies to the latest industry insights that help the MSMEs community thrive in an increasingly competitive market.

b. "Tanya Ahli" Feature

Through the "Tanya Ahli" feature, BTPN Daya's MSMEs community can interact directly and pose questions to proven experts. This feature is developed with a well-managed messaging system, enabling rapid information exchange and supporting better decision-making by MSMEs.

c. "Akses Market" Feature

SALT Indonesia also developed e-commerce integration on to facilitate direct business transactions within the platform. This feature makes it easier for the MSMEs community to find and sell products more effectively, leveraging technology to increase visibility and access to a broader market.

d. "Sahabat Daya" Community

Recognizing the power of community, the "Sahabat Daya" feature was developed. This feature allows users to participate in community empowerment activities organized by BTPN Daya both Offline and Online, strengthening the network among MSMEs.

e. Business Matching

This appealing feature was developed to meet all entrepreneurial needs, particularly finding the right supplies or services within the BTPN Daya digital ecosystem. Supported by a commerce system and advanced algorithms, this system matches the needs of providers listed in the database.

f. Financial Products

The final feature related to banking activities is Financial Products that support the financial stability and growth of the MSMEs community.

SALT Indonesia developed Financial Products to provide access to financial products such as savings, loans, and investments through direct integration with BTPN Bank. This feature is designed to make it easier for community members to manage their finances more efficiently and effectively according to their business stages.

By implementing these 4 technology solutions, SALT Indonesia not only provides a mere digital platform for BTPN Daya, but also ensures that becomes a powerful vessel for the growth and empowerment of MSMEs in Indonesia.

The website development project with SALT Indonesia has brought good news to the MSMEs Community Empowerment Program of BTPN Bank. With innovations integrated into the website, has demonstrated significant improvements in the reach and effectiveness of the digital ecosystem's growth.

Community members can access the resources needed for their business growth all in one platform. On the other hand, the data collected through this website has also assisted BTPN Daya in making strategic decisions to enhance further and develop the empowerment program.

Recognition of success and positive impact came in the form of an award given to SALT Indonesia by BTPN Bank, a symbol of appreciation for the innovation and dedication shown.

This also marks the continuation of a partnership that not only endures but thrives over time, demonstrating a sustained commitment to supporting the growth of MSMEs in Indonesia.

This collaboration remains strong, inspiring more similar initiatives and innovations that may impact the national digital ecosystem more.

The development of the website by SALT Indonesia is concrete proof of how technology can serve as a stepping stone in empowering Indonesia's MSMEs community within a digital ecosystem.

By leveraging digital technology innovation, BTPN Daya assists MSMEs in enhancing their capacity and extends their reach into broader and more diverse markets.

We at SALT Indonesia are proud and honored to contribute to enhancing the MSMEs ecosystem through technology. We remain motivated to open many opportunities for future collaborations and innovations in various sectors and industries.

With collaboration and a commitment to innovation, let's welcome the future of business together with SALT Indonesia, guiding you toward sustainable success.

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