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Innovation Journey: The Story Behind Transformation of Travoy App (Jasa Marga)

17 Apr 2024

Innovation Journey: The Story Behind Transformation of Travoy App (Jasa Marga)

In rapid technological development, mobile applications have become integral to the modern lifestyle.One application that has gained attention is "Travoy App" from Jasa Marga, designed to facilitate toll road user's journeys in Indonesia. However, a challenge arises when the utilization of this application has not yet reached its potential.How can this challenge be overcome? Let's explore the collaboration story between SALT Indonesia and Jasa Marga in enhancing the utilization of the Travoy app!Navigating Opportunities to Enhance Travoy App ExperienceTravoy, an innovative application developed by Jasa Marga, is not just an ordinary app. With outstanding features such as toll gate information, rest areas, traffic congestion points, CCTV, and digital receipts, it's only natural that this app becomes a reliable companion for toll road users in Indonesia.Nevertheless, engaging more users presents an exciting prospect for Jasa Marga. Despite being armed with numerous advanced features and active promotion, Travoy's utilization rate is yet to hit its anticipated targets, indicating room for growth and improvement.Jasa Marga is keenly exploring the possibilities: Could this situation be an opportunity to enhance the app's functionality, or is it a chance to address potential technological and infrastructural advancements?This is the turning point where Jasa Marga decides to choose SALT Indonesia, a Technology Research & Development expert, as a partner in navigating this challenge and finding the best solution for the Travoy app.SALT Indonesia, a Strategic Partner in Product and Customer Experience ResearchOn the path to addressing Travoy's challenges, Jasa Marga collaborates with SALT Indonesia, a partner that brings innovative solutions, insightful wisdom, and a profound comprehension of user needs.The leading solution in this collaboration is the "Product & Customer Experience Research" service, a holistic approach that combines product research, preferences, and customer experience.Using this method, SALT Indonesia can accurately identify what Travoy app users want & need and what hinders them from using the app.SALT Indonesia doesn't stop at identifying problems. We develop structured and phased strategies to address these challenges, ensuring that each proposed solution is theoretical and practical and can be successfully implemented.Thus, SALT Indonesia has become a strategic partner for Jasa Marga, as well as the architect behind the evolution of Travoy towards much more significant improvement.A Glimpse into SALT Indonesia's Research StrategyThe success of Travoy in capturing user's hearts is a testament to the creative and strategic research approach crafted by SALT Indonesia.The research and development process we undertake is not just routine, but a deep expedition to uncover the actual needs of users and design solutions that are smart, innovative, and applicable.Some key steps in this research strategy include:1. Focus Group Discussion (FGD)In this step, SALT Indonesia gathers various perspectives and direct experiences from potential users, making it a forum to directly understand user needs and expectations.2. User Feedback AnalysisThe SALT Indonesia team deeply analyzes user feedback. By understanding user needs and expectations, SALT Indonesia can identify areas that require improvement or enhancement.3. Experience SamplingAt this stage, SALT Indonesia collects real-time user experience data. This method allows the team to understand how users interact with Travoy daily and identify critical moments that affect user satisfaction.4. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) TestingWith a deeper understanding of the user experience, SALT Indonesia continues to test the UI & UX of the Travoy app to ensure that the interface and user experience flow are optimally designed, providing maximum comfort and satisfaction for users.5. Design ThinkingSALT Indonesia also applies the design thinking approach to designing solutions. This approach prioritizes creativity and innovation in finding solutions that are effective, sustainable, and able to address the root of the problem. Through the combination of these 5 research strategies, complemented by various other methods, SALT Indonesia successfully uncovers the actual needs of users. It designs effective solutions to enhance Travoy's user experience.This is a compelling testament to the impact of targeted and innovative research in driving positive transformations in technology and business.From Insights to the Transformation of Travoy AppIn the journey to address the challenges encountered by Travoy, SALT Indonesia skillfully decoded and uncovered solutions Jasa Marga had been eagerly pursuing.The research carried out by SALT Indonesia goes beyond mere discoveries, serving as a strategic guide to the transformative journey of the Travoy app.These answers are materialized as a "List of Recommendations," a strategic compilation containing points for improvement and enhancement in all aspects.This list of recommendations is an essential reference for Jasa Marga to carry out enhancements and innovations on the app's features, ensuring that Travoy can meet the user's needs and exceed their expectations.Thanks to the targeted recommendations from SALT Indonesia, Jasa Marga's dream of increasing the utilization of the Travoy app has finally become a reality. Users can now enjoy a smoother, more intuitive, and enjoyable app experience.Dedication that Leads to AchievementIn recognition of SALT Indonesia's significant contribution to the transformation journey of Travoy App, Jasa Marga awarded the "Certificate of Appreciation: Provider of Goods and Services with VERY GOOD Performance" in 2022.This award is a symbol of Jasa Marga's appreciation for SALT Indonesia's dedication and expertise in realizing a shared vision to create an app that is functional and an integral part of every user's journey.Shaping Vision and Innovation with SALT IndonesiaThe collaboration between SALT Indonesia and Jasa Marga in optimizing the Travoy app is an inspiring story about how a clear vision and continuous innovation can transform the face of technology and provide real impact to users.By combining a deep understanding of user needs and the application of creative solutions, we have created an app that not only facilitates the journey of toll road users but also enhances the overall comfortable driving experience. With collaboration and commitment to innovation, let's welcome the digital future together with SALT Indonesia, which will guide businesses as a compass to navigate challenges and head toward sustainable success.Click the banner below to get connected and embark on a transformation journey in your business!

Brankas's Efficiency Strategy:  Optimizing Best Talent Solutions

22 Mar 2024

Brankas's Efficiency Strategy: Optimizing Best Talent Solutions

In the fintech world, the speed and efficiency of customer service are key to business success, where innovation and competition occur dynamically in line with increasingly complex challenges.This is relevant to the case study of Brankas, a leading fintech company, which showcases how they enhanced their customer service standards and navigated operational challenges with the support of SALT Indonesia.Let's explore this inspiring collaboration story and how SALT's Talent Augmentation solution became a game-changer in the fintech industry!Brankas's Story: Elevating Customer Service Excellence in the Fintech IndustryIn the rapidly growing fintech industry, the ability of businesses to provide efficient customer service is not only an added value but also an absolute requirement for survival.Brankas, one of the leading companies in the fintech industry, actively pursues excellence and innovation by tackling diverse and significant challenges.They are tasked with managing many real-time customer interactions, with effectiveness and efficiency crucial for success.In scenarios where prompt and precise customer responses are essential, a chance exists to enhance efficiency, despite resource constraints and restricted internal team capabilities.Therefore, Brankas seeks innovative solutions to surmount operational challenges and elevate their performance.The Strategic Role of SALT Indonesia in Presenting SolutionsIn response to Brankas' challenges, SALT Indonesia presents a visionary solution, supported by track records of success in Digital Transformation and Business Technology.The solution provided for Brankas comes from Talent Augmentation (Geekz) services, designed with a holistic approach that profoundly understands their dynamics and specific needs.For SALT Indonesia, an effective solution goes beyond bridging the workforce gap. It involves strategically positioning the right talent with technical prowess and the capacity to contribute and seamlessly integrate into the Brankas work environment.In this way, we guarantee that each individual placed is not merely a worker, but a proactive and innovative problem solver.Unveiling the Best Talent Augmentation SolutionAt SALT Indonesia, we employ a careful and quantifiable selection process to develop talent solutions that are both effective and efficient.Upon comprehending Brankas's requirements, it was determined that the talent to be presented would be 2 Support Engineers level one (L1), possessing outstanding technical expertise and prepared to operate within a 24/7 shift system.Leveraging SALT's expertise and commitment, we successfully identified and recruited top-tier individuals who fulfil these criteria, utilizing our Talent Outsourcing & Management strategy.This enables Brankas to release the burden of human resource management and focus on other essential aspects, such as product development.This way, SALT Indonesia guarantees that Brankas's customer service operations proceed seamlessly and efficiently, allowing their internal team to focus on innovation and business growth.Positive Impact on Business Operational EfficiencyWhen 2 synergistic entities come together, the results often exceed expectations. That's what happened in the collaboration between Brankas and SALT Indonesia.This synergy's positive impact is visible in numbers on paper and felt in various operational aspects of Brankas.There has been a significant increase in their business operational efficiency, which means a faster and more accurate response to customer needs. This, in turn, results in a higher level of customer satisfaction, an achievement that is the primary goal of every business in the current era.On the same side, with the solutions presented, the Human Resource division of Brankas becomes more efficient because the hiring process and the fulfilment of employee rights and obligations have been SALT's responsibility.This success marks the beginning of a closer and more productive future collaboration. With tangible evidence of the effectiveness of the Talent Augmentation solution, SALT Indonesia's position as Brankas's strategic partner is increasingly solid.It is hoped that this synergy can always maintain the high standards achieved while continuing to seek innovative ways to improve and optimize Brankas's services and products in the future.Synergy that Inspires Business InnovationThe collaboration story between Brankas and SALT Indonesia is an inspiring example of overcoming operational barriers with the proper synergistic steps to trigger innovation and growth.A deep understanding of client needs and applying the right solutions, as we have done in the Brankas case study, is the key to unlocking untapped potential.This is tangible evidence of our commitment at SALT Indonesia always to be a reliable service provider and a strategic partner who understands and supports every step of our client's business growth. Ready to take your business operations to the next level with Talent Augmentation solutions? Partner with SALT for a seamless transition to leverage outsourcing opportunities. Explore our diverse services and embark on a journey to exponential growth. Click the banner below to get in touch and harness the power of the digital revolution!

Paseo's Strategy & Technology: Strengthening Customer Loyalty in the FMCG Industry

21 Mar 2024

Paseo's Strategy & Technology: Strengthening Customer Loyalty in the FMCG Industry

Business success is often determined by the ability to leverage technology to strengthen customer relationships and reinforce their brand identity in the digital realm.Paseo, a well-known tissue brand, along with SALT Indonesia, a leader in providing technology solutions for enterprises, have decided to join hands in a project that is not only complex but also full of innovation.This story will reveal how technology development plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of a brand's efforts to attract attention and win customer's hearts.Paseo's Journey: Overcoming Digitalization Challenges in the FMCG IndustryIn the ever-evolving landscape of the FMCG industry, Paseo, a renowned international brand recognized for its premium tissue products, is focused on optimizing their digital presence amidst growing competition. Despite their success in the market, Paseo remains committed to further enhancing their brand presence and fostering closer customer relationships through innovative digital technologies.Nevertheless, Paseo's digital transformation journey has presented growth opportunities. Although developing a website that meets their rigorous standards while also serving as an effective platform for customer engagement has been challenging, it has provided valuable insights and learning experiences for the company. Recognizing the significance of customer loyalty, Paseo is committed to establishing an active and informative digital ecosystem. This presents both a challenge and an opportunity for Paseo to achieve new heights of success in the digital era.Innovative Technology Solutions with SALT IndonesiaEmbracing strategic goals, Paseo has partnered with SALT Indonesia, a prominent Technology Enabler company, to bring their vision of adopting technology innovations to fruition, particularly in Advanced Website Development.This collaboration aims to create solutions that not only solve problems but also open new paths for Paseo to interact with their customers.Together with SALT Indonesia, 3 innovative technology solutions were created, each designed to meet Paseo's specific needs:1. Website Development (Revamp & Enhancement)The main focus is improving the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) of Paseo's website.By integrating responsive design, SALT Indonesia ensures that the website is not only accessible but also provides a smooth and intuitive browsing experience.2. Integrated Loyalty Program DevelopmentSALT Indonesia understands the importance of customer loyalty in business. Therefore, we provided consultation to Paseo to design a loyalty program that is attractive and easy for customers to participate in.This program is designed to increase customer engagement with the brand, encouraging more profound and more continuous interaction.Additionally, this program is supported by various customer loyalty features that have been implemented into the website, ensuring that the concept and application are integrated into a unified platform.3. Microsite DevelopmentAs part of a broader campaign strategy, SALT Indonesia developed a special microsite that supports the customer loyalty gamification program.This microsite is designed to be an interactive platform that enhances customer interaction with the Paseo brand, offering a more dynamic and entertaining experience.The collaboration between Paseo and SALT Indonesia opens a new chapter in Paseo's efforts to optimize their digital presence.Through the innovative solutions offered by SALT Indonesia, Paseo can overcome existing challenges and open many opportunities to interact with their customers more effectively and meaningfully.Enhanced Features for the "Loyalty Program"In developing the customer loyalty program, SALT Indonesia has introduced a series of technologies and features specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses.In the Paseo case study, in addition to the standard features of customer loyalty programs, there are also several other essential features to enhance the effectiveness and security of the program, such as:a. Scalability SolutionsThis feature is designed to manage sudden spikes in traffic, automatically regulating the number of users who can access the program simultaneously.This ensures that the website remains stable and responsive even when there is a significant increase in visitors.b. Fraud Detection This feature aims to identify and prevent fraudulent activities within the program.The system is equipped with advanced algorithms that can detect suspicious patterns and block access to users who are suspected of committing fraud.This helps maintain the integrity of the loyalty program and protects the interests of Paseo and their customers.c. Enhanced Data Security and Customer Experience Final Save Mechanism Moreover, the Ultimate Data Preservation Protocol ensures the secure storage of customer transaction data, maintaining its integrity even in unforeseen circumstances. This protocol guarantees the safety of critical information, including customer loyalty points, and facilitates effortless recovery in case of system disruptions. The integration of these advanced technological features has significantly increased the value of Paseo's loyalty program by improving program efficiency and security, enhancing the customer experience, and strengthening the bond between customers and the Paseo brand.The Impact of Strategic Collaboration between SALT Indonesia and PaseoThe strategic collaboration between SALT Indonesia and Paseo has breathed new life into Paseo's Loyalty Program campaign. The impressive results achieved highlight the importance of technological innovation and the right marketing strategies.Equipped with advanced technology developed by SALT Indonesia, Paseo's loyalty program can be launched to the market more quickly, a concept known as "Time-to-Market."This speed allows the campaign to immediately interact with customers, gather feedback, and make adjustments if necessary, ensuring the smoothness and effectiveness of the program.The integration of the loyalty program with Paseo's main website has a broader impact. This not only makes it easier for customers to access and participate in the program but also significantly increases product sales.Customers also feel more connected to the brand, which in turn increases their loyalty and engagement towards Paseo.Unlocking Potential and Innovation through CollaborationThe story of the collaboration between SALT Indonesia and Paseo is not just about technological advancements, but more deeply, it tells how technology can be a catalyst for achieving broader business visions and goals.Through this collaboration, we have proven that by working together, we can unlock broader business potential, create more satisfying customer experiences, and ultimately, generate sustainable value for all parties involved. Ready to take your business to new heights with innovative technology? Collaborate with SALT for a seamless digital transition into the world of technology innovation. Discover the wide range of services we offer, and let us assist you in achieving exponential growth. Click the banner below to connect with us and embrace the digital revolution!

Presenting BCA Life's Masterpiece:  "NOW by BCA Life" Super App

15 Mar 2024

Presenting BCA Life's Masterpiece: "NOW by BCA Life" Super App

Innovation has repeatedly been the key for businesses to meet the ever-evolving needs of their customers.BCA Life, one of the key players in the Indonesian insurance industry, encountered an opportunity closely aligned with its insurance services and products, leading to a valuable learning experience.To embrace this opportunity, BCA Life chose to collaborate with SALT Indonesia to develop a revolutionary Super App called "NOW by BCA Life."Let's delve into the story behind the development of an application that brings innovation and added value not only to the BCA Life business but also to its internal team and customers, thereby transforming the face of insurance services in Indonesia.BCA Life x SALT: Meeting Expectations with SolutionBCA Life's journey in the competitive insurance industry once faced a challenge, with its insurance services and products scattered across various platforms.This prompted them to seek innovative solutions to integrate all services into one easily accessible application that becomes a part of customers' daily lives.With its digital transformation and technology development expertise, SALT Indonesia was BCA Life's choice for realizing this dream.Together, we designed the concept of developing the Super App "NOW by BCA Life," with a Bespoke Technology Development approach, especially the mobile app development tailored to BCA Life's specific needs.The collaboration between BCA Life and SALT Indonesia gave birth to a versatile application and created an ecosystem where customers can feel connected and better served.This is not just about application development but also about how to create the best experience for users.The Journey of Super App DevelopmentThe development journey of the Super App "NOW by BCA Life" began with a mutual understanding of the vision and goals to be achieved. Both teams combined their expertise and resources to create something unprecedented.In general, the stages in the mobile app development process include:1. Conceptualization of the Super AppThe first step is to design the concept of a Super App that not only meets current needs but is also flexible enough to adapt to future changes. With its focus on custom solutions, SALT Indonesia ensures that every application aspect is designed to provide the best user experience.2. Mobile App Development Based on ResearchThis stage is a crucial phase in the mobile app development process, where the SALT Indonesia team conducts in-depth studies on user behavior, market trends, and the latest technologies.We look for what users need today and what they might need in the future.3. Development of Innovative FeaturesOne of the key points in developing the Super App is the creation of innovative features.In addition to standard features in online insurance (purchase, claims, disbursements, etc.), SALT Indonesia also develops various advanced features, one of which focuses on the basic needs of users.The "Health & Mind" feature provides added value to users by giving access to health and wellness information. Additionally, there is integration with "Smart Watch" that allows users to receive notifications and information directly on their wrists.4. Testing and Iteration PhaseBefore launching, the developed mobile application must undergo a series of rigorous tests to ensure that all features function properly and the application is free from bugs.We work together with the BCA Life team to iterate based on feedback from beta users, ensuring that the application is truly ready to be launched to the market. The development process of the Super App "NOW by BCA Life" is a reflection of the commitment of BCA Life and SALT Indonesia to innovation and excellence.Through hard work, collaboration, and a focus on users, we have successfully created an application that meets customer needs and sets a new standard in the insurance industry.Creating Outstanding Mobile App FeaturesIn the journey of creating the mobile application "NOW by BCA Life," SALT Indonesia played a crucial role in bringing innovative features that distinguish this application from others.As a technology architect, SALT Indonesia understands that each feature must be designed not only to meet practical needs but also to enhance the overall user experience.SALT Indonesia focuses on the extensive, visible features and the small details that make a difference. This ensures that the application will be easy to use.With a user-friendly interface and intuitive processes, each feature is designed with the thought of how to make the user experience more comfortable and enjoyable.The Impact of Collaboration with SALT IndonesiaThe collaboration between BCA Life and SALT Indonesia in developing this mobile application has resulted in an innovative super app and has had a widespread and significant impact.One of the impacts is on the internal team of BCA Life, where there has been a valuable transfer of knowledge and technology skills.Through close cooperation with SALT Indonesia, the BCA Life team has gained new insights into technology development, thus enhancing their capacity to innovate in the future.For BCA Life customers, the Super App "NOW by BCA Life" provides a more comfortable and comprehensive experience in accessing insurance services.The innovative features developed make this application more than just a tool for insurance transactions. This also marks a significant improvement in BCA Life's services, which are now more integrated and easily accessible through advanced technology. Ready to revolutionize your business through technology innovation? Partner with SALT for an accelerated transformation journey. Discover our extensive services and let us drive your growth. Reach out now by clicking the banner below and be part of the digital revolution!

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