SALT x Antikode: Presenting the Concept of Traveling Partner KAI Access

Written byIkhsan Hanif

06 Jun 2024

SALT x Antikode: Presenting the Concept of Traveling Partner KAI Access

Imagine an application that not only helps you book travel tickets, but also becomes a loyal partner on every step of your journey. This is the transformation experienced by KAI Access, the official app of PT. Kereta Api Indonesia.

Thanks to the innovative collaboration between Antikode and SALT Indonesia, KAI Access now features a modern interface and various useful features that make train travel easier and more enjoyable. With Antikode's design expertise and SALT's cutting-edge technological development, this apphas been rebuilt to offer an optimal user experience.

Throughout this journey, the transformation encountered various opportunities and challenges. Antikode and SALT Indonesia responded with an approach that combined attractive interface design and integrated system development, ensuring each feature worked to its fullest potential.

Let's explore how this collaboration successfully transformed KAI Access into more than just a ticket-booking app!

PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) launched KAI Access as an official app to simplify ticket-booking and travel planning for train users in Indonesia.

However, KAI had a bigger vision for this application. They wanted KAI Access to function not only as a ticket booking tool, but also as a loyal partner for users in every aspect of their journey, thus unlocking the potential of new audiences.

KAI sought to seize this opportunity by bravely facing various app development challenges. They realized that to achieve this vision, KAI Access needed to be rebuilt with a fresher look and more efficient system.

As a UI/UX agency that had partnered with KAI, Antikode understood this great expectation. They decided to collaborate with SALT, a leading Technology Developer & System Integrator in Indonesia, to execute this innovative project together.

This collaboration not only focused on improving the functionality and aesthetics of the application, but also committed to breaking the negative stigma often associated with state-owned enterprise (BUMN) apps.

With a modern interface and a better system, KAI Access is expected to compete with similar applications and become the top choice for train users in Indonesia.

Antikode and SALT Indonesia played crucial roles in transforming KAI Access. Antikode, with its expertise in UI/UX design, initiated the project by laying out the concepts and designs as the initial foundation.

Every design element was carefully crafted to ensure that users not only gained convenience, but also enjoyed every interaction with the app.

Before moving to the development stage, the SALT team conducted an in-depth analysis of the existing app architecture. This analysis revealed that the previously used native technology was too rigid for advanced feature development, especially in supporting various operating systems.

Recognizing the need for flexibility and efficiency, SALT decided to switch to Flutter as the app development framework. This allowed a single codebase that could be implemented on both Android and iOS devices simultaneously.

This decision proved to significantly streamline the development process, making it much more effective and efficient.

The development process of KAI Access involved several key focuses:

1. Implement the New Design of KAI Access (Revamp)

Revitalizing KAI Access with the new design was the first step in ensuring the app remained relevant and attractive to users.

Each interface element was designed to provide an intuitive and enjoyable experience. Changes such as brighter colors, cleaner layouts, and clearer icons enhanced the application's overall look and feel.

2. Tracking System & App Integration Developments

One of the biggest challenges in app development is ensuring seamless integration between various systems and features.

In this project, the SALT team developed an effective tracking and integration system, ensuring that every existing feature could work well together without compromising the app's performance.

For example, various external services, such as digital payments and other transportation information, were also integrated to provide a consistent and connected experience.

3. Ticket-Booking Feature Enhancement

The ticket-booking feature is the core of KAI Access. Therefore, enhancing this feature became a primary focus in the development process.

The SALT team worked hard to improve the ticket-booking flow, from registration to payment. The registration and login processes were simplified and made more secure, while the ticket-booking flow was designed to be faster and more intuitive.

Users could easily select schedules, book tickets, and make payments through several clear and structured steps.

This enhancement aimed to reduce user's time to book tickets and increase their satisfaction with using the app.

4. Traveling Partner Features Development

To make KAI Access more than just a ticket-booking app, the "Traveling Partner" feature was developed. This feature expands the app's functions by adding additional services beneficial to users during their journey.

These features include:

  • Purchasing Mobile Credit, PLN, and Data Packages
    Enabling users to buy their telecommunications and electricity needs directly from the app.
  • Hotel, Taxi, Bus, and Prayer Schedules Information
    Providing complete information to help users plan their travel activities.
  • Trip Planner Feature
    Helping users better plan their trips, including route and activity planning during their journey.
  • User Loyalty Program
    Rewarding loyal users with various benefits and exclusive promotions.
  • Destinations and Latest Promotions
    Providing information about interesting tourist spots and the latest promotions users can enjoy.
  • Interesting Articles
    Offering informative and inspirational articles for users to enjoy during their journey.

With these additional features, KAI Access is expected to become an application that not only assists with ticket-booking, but also serves as a reliable travel partner, offering added value to users.

The collaboration between SALT Indonesia and Antikode brought significant changes to KAI Access, making it a more dynamic and user-friendly application. With the new modern design and more flexible technology, KAI Access can compete with other ticket-booking apps.

Advanced features like real-time journey tracking systems, seamless payment integration, and additional services make users feel more comfortable and satisfied.

This improved user experience not only enhances the app's functionality, but also successfully changes the negative perception that has long been attached to state-owned enterprise apps. The stigma of being "rigid" and lacking innovation often associated with BUMN apps has been broken. KAI Access is now seen as a modern, reliable, and trusted application.

The success of this project is visible from the increased user satisfaction reflected in the many positive testimonials received. Users praise the ease of use, comfort, and new features that make their journeys more enjoyable.

Not only technically, but this transformation also impacted KAI's image in the eyes of the public. With a more advanced and user-friendly application, KAI Access can attract new audiences and strengthen the loyalty of existing users. This is a significant step towards a brighter and more innovative future for PT. Kereta Api Indonesia.

The success of transforming KAI Access didn't stop at the app's renewal, but also paved the way for even more significant sustainable innovations.

Inspired by the positive results achieved, PT. Kereta Api Indonesia decided to continue collaborating with SALT to develop innovative features such as a merchant portal, providing more excellent added value to users.

The success story of KAI Access is solid proof that the right collaboration can produce effective and complementary solutions. The digital transformation carried out by SALT and Antikode has shown how a holistic approach can overcome challenges and create new opportunities.

SALT Indonesia remains committed to helping other companies undertake similar digital transformations, offering services and collaboration opportunities for technology development tailored to each client's specific needs.

With collaboration and a commitment to innovation, let’s welcome the digital future together with SALT, guiding businesses towards sustainable success.

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