Paseo's Strategy & Technology: Strengthening Customer Loyalty in the FMCG Industry

Written byIkhsan Hanif

21 Mar 2024

Paseo's Strategy & Technology: Strengthening Customer Loyalty in the FMCG Industry

Business success is often determined by the ability to leverage technology to strengthen customer relationships and reinforce their brand identity in the digital realm.

Paseo, a well-known tissue brand, along with SALT Indonesia, a leader in providing technology solutions for enterprises, have decided to join hands in a project that is not only complex but also full of innovation.

This story will reveal how technology development plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of a brand's efforts to attract attention and win customer's hearts.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the FMCG industry, Paseo, a renowned international brand recognized for its premium tissue products, is focused on optimizing their digital presence amidst growing competition.

Despite their success in the market, Paseo remains committed to further enhancing their brand presence and fostering closer customer relationships through innovative digital technologies.

Nevertheless, Paseo's digital transformation journey has presented growth opportunities. Although developing a website that meets their rigorous standards while also serving as an effective platform for customer engagement has been challenging, it has provided valuable insights and learning experiences for the company.

Recognizing the significance of customer loyalty, Paseo is committed to establishing an active and informative digital ecosystem. This presents both a challenge and an opportunity for Paseo to achieve new heights of success in the digital era.

Embracing strategic goals, Paseo has partnered with SALT Indonesia, a prominent Technology Enabler company, to bring their vision of adopting technology innovations to fruition, particularly in Advanced Website Development.

This collaboration aims to create solutions that not only solve problems but also open new paths for Paseo to interact with their customers.

Together with SALT Indonesia, 3 innovative technology solutions were created, each designed to meet Paseo's specific needs:

1. Website Development (Revamp & Enhancement)

The main focus is improving the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) of Paseo's website.

By integrating responsive design, SALT Indonesia ensures that the website is not only accessible but also provides a smooth and intuitive browsing experience.

2. Integrated Loyalty Program Development

SALT Indonesia understands the importance of customer loyalty in business. Therefore, we provided consultation to Paseo to design a loyalty program that is attractive and easy for customers to participate in.

This program is designed to increase customer engagement with the brand, encouraging more profound and more continuous interaction.

Additionally, this program is supported by various customer loyalty features that have been implemented into the website, ensuring that the concept and application are integrated into a unified platform.

3. Microsite Development

As part of a broader campaign strategy, SALT Indonesia developed a special microsite that supports the customer loyalty gamification program.

This microsite is designed to be an interactive platform that enhances customer interaction with the Paseo brand, offering a more dynamic and entertaining experience.

The collaboration between Paseo and SALT Indonesia opens a new chapter in Paseo's efforts to optimize their digital presence.

Through the innovative solutions offered by SALT Indonesia, Paseo can overcome existing challenges and open many opportunities to interact with their customers more effectively and meaningfully.

In developing the customer loyalty program, SALT Indonesia has introduced a series of technologies and features specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses.

In the Paseo case study, in addition to the standard features of customer loyalty programs, there are also several other essential features to enhance the effectiveness and security of the program, such as:

a. Scalability Solutions

This feature is designed to manage sudden spikes in traffic, automatically regulating the number of users who can access the program simultaneously.

This ensures that the website remains stable and responsive even when there is a significant increase in visitors.

b. Fraud Detection

This feature aims to identify and prevent fraudulent activities within the program.

The system is equipped with advanced algorithms that can detect suspicious patterns and block access to users who are suspected of committing fraud.

This helps maintain the integrity of the loyalty program and protects the interests of Paseo and their customers.

c. Enhanced Data Security and Customer Experience Final Save Mechanism

Moreover, the Ultimate Data Preservation Protocol ensures the secure storage of customer transaction data, maintaining its integrity even in unforeseen circumstances.

This protocol guarantees the safety of critical information, including customer loyalty points, and facilitates effortless recovery in case of system disruptions.

The integration of these advanced technological features has significantly increased the value of Paseo's loyalty program by improving program efficiency and security, enhancing the customer experience, and strengthening the bond between customers and the Paseo brand.

The strategic collaboration between SALT Indonesia and Paseo has breathed new life into Paseo's Loyalty Program campaign. The impressive results achieved highlight the importance of technological innovation and the right marketing strategies.

Equipped with advanced technology developed by SALT Indonesia, Paseo's loyalty program can be launched to the market more quickly, a concept known as "Time-to-Market."

This speed allows the campaign to immediately interact with customers, gather feedback, and make adjustments if necessary, ensuring the smoothness and effectiveness of the program.

The integration of the loyalty program with Paseo's main website has a broader impact. This not only makes it easier for customers to access and participate in the program but also significantly increases product sales.

Customers also feel more connected to the brand, which in turn increases their loyalty and engagement towards Paseo.

The story of the collaboration between SALT Indonesia and Paseo is not just about technological advancements, but more deeply, it tells how technology can be a catalyst for achieving broader business visions and goals.

Through this collaboration, we have proven that by working together, we can unlock broader business potential, create more satisfying customer experiences, and ultimately, generate sustainable value for all parties involved.

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