Innovation Journey: The Story Behind Transformation of Travoy App (Jasa Marga)

Written byIkhsan Hanif

17 Apr 2024

Innovation Journey: The Story Behind Transformation of Travoy App (Jasa Marga)

In rapid technological development, mobile applications have become integral to the modern lifestyle.

One application that has gained attention is "Travoy App" from Jasa Marga, designed to facilitate toll road user's journeys in Indonesia. However, a challenge arises when the utilization of this application has not yet reached its potential.

How can this challenge be overcome? Let's explore the collaboration story between SALT Indonesia and Jasa Marga in enhancing the utilization of the Travoy app!

Travoy, an innovative application developed by Jasa Marga, is not just an ordinary app. With outstanding features such as toll gate information, rest areas, traffic congestion points, CCTV, and digital receipts, it's only natural that this app becomes a reliable companion for toll road users in Indonesia.

Nevertheless, engaging more users presents an exciting prospect for Jasa Marga. Despite being armed with numerous advanced features and active promotion, Travoy's utilization rate is yet to hit its anticipated targets, indicating room for growth and improvement.

Jasa Marga is keenly exploring the possibilities: Could this situation be an opportunity to enhance the app's functionality, or is it a chance to address potential technological and infrastructural advancements?

This is the turning point where Jasa Marga decides to choose SALT Indonesia, a Technology Research & Development expert, as a partner in navigating this challenge and finding the best solution for the Travoy app.

On the path to addressing Travoy's challenges, Jasa Marga collaborates with SALT Indonesia, a partner that brings innovative solutions, insightful wisdom, and a profound comprehension of user needs.

The leading solution in this collaboration is the "Product & Customer Experience Research" service, a holistic approach that combines product research, preferences, and customer experience.

Using this method, SALT Indonesia can accurately identify what Travoy app users want & need and what hinders them from using the app.

SALT Indonesia doesn't stop at identifying problems. We develop structured and phased strategies to address these challenges, ensuring that each proposed solution is theoretical and practical and can be successfully implemented.

Thus, SALT Indonesia has become a strategic partner for Jasa Marga, as well as the architect behind the evolution of Travoy towards much more significant improvement.

The success of Travoy in capturing user's hearts is a testament to the creative and strategic research approach crafted by SALT Indonesia.

The research and development process we undertake is not just routine, but a deep expedition to uncover the actual needs of users and design solutions that are smart, innovative, and applicable.

Some key steps in this research strategy include:

1. Focus Group Discussion (FGD)

In this step, SALT Indonesia gathers various perspectives and direct experiences from potential users, making it a forum to directly understand user needs and expectations.

2. User Feedback Analysis

The SALT Indonesia team deeply analyzes user feedback. By understanding user needs and expectations, SALT Indonesia can identify areas that require improvement or enhancement.

3. Experience Sampling

At this stage, SALT Indonesia collects real-time user experience data. This method allows the team to understand how users interact with Travoy daily and identify critical moments that affect user satisfaction.

4. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Testing

With a deeper understanding of the user experience, SALT Indonesia continues to test the UI & UX of the Travoy app to ensure that the interface and user experience flow are optimally designed, providing maximum comfort and satisfaction for users.

5. Design Thinking

SALT Indonesia also applies the design thinking approach to designing solutions. This approach prioritizes creativity and innovation in finding solutions that are effective, sustainable, and able to address the root of the problem.

Through the combination of these 5 research strategies, complemented by various other methods, SALT Indonesia successfully uncovers the actual needs of users. It designs effective solutions to enhance Travoy's user experience.

This is a compelling testament to the impact of targeted and innovative research in driving positive transformations in technology and business.

In the journey to address the challenges encountered by Travoy, SALT Indonesia skillfully decoded and uncovered solutions Jasa Marga had been eagerly pursuing.

The research carried out by SALT Indonesia goes beyond mere discoveries, serving as a strategic guide to the transformative journey of the Travoy app.

These answers are materialized as a "List of Recommendations," a strategic compilation containing points for improvement and enhancement in all aspects.

This list of recommendations is an essential reference for Jasa Marga to carry out enhancements and innovations on the app's features, ensuring that Travoy can meet the user's needs and exceed their expectations.

Thanks to the targeted recommendations from SALT Indonesia, Jasa Marga's dream of increasing the utilization of the Travoy app has finally become a reality. Users can now enjoy a smoother, more intuitive, and enjoyable app experience.

Dedication that Leads to Achievement

In recognition of SALT Indonesia's significant contribution to the transformation journey of Travoy App, Jasa Marga awarded the "Certificate of Appreciation: Provider of Goods and Services with VERY GOOD Performance" in 2022.

Image from /uploads/Certificate_of_Appreciation_7dc7afb293.jpg

This award is a symbol of Jasa Marga's appreciation for SALT Indonesia's dedication and expertise in realizing a shared vision to create an app that is functional and an integral part of every user's journey.

The collaboration between SALT Indonesia and Jasa Marga in optimizing the Travoy app is an inspiring story about how a clear vision and continuous innovation can transform the face of technology and provide real impact to users.

By combining a deep understanding of user needs and the application of creative solutions, we have created an app that not only facilitates the journey of toll road users but also enhances the overall comfortable driving experience.

With collaboration and commitment to innovation, let's welcome the digital future together with SALT Indonesia, which will guide businesses as a compass to navigate challenges and head toward sustainable success.

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