Empowering Resilience with Technology: DBS Develops Emergency App

Written byIkhsan Hanif

19 Jun 2024

Empowering Resilience with Technology: DBS Develops Emergency App

An effective workplace safety protocol is one of the main priorities for companies to provide a sense of security for their employees, while demonstrating their commitment to their well-being.

Bank DBS, in collaboration with SALT Indonesia, introduces an innovation through app technology to address these challenges. The system developed provides interactive and responsive emergency evacuation guidance, ensuring employees can act quickly and appropriately during critical situations.

How did this app development occur, and what solutions did SALT build using Cloud System? Let's explore further in this article!

Modern companies today are required to excel not only in products and services, but also in ensuring the well-being of their employees, including workplace safety. This has driven PT Bank DBS Indonesia, part of a leading financial services group in Asia, to understand the importance of effective safety protocols in the workplace.

With employees spread across various locations, DBS strives to enhance its workplace safety system with an innovative approach — an interactive and reliable app technology at any work site, at any time.

DBS then developed the concept of the Emergency Evacuation E-learning App, a technology solution that provides comprehensive and responsive workplace safety guidance to all employees.

This app is equipped with advanced features, including a three-dimensional (3D) guide for emergency evacuation, designed to guide employees in critical situations and help them find the best exit routes from buildings.

However, realizing this innovative application will always have opportunities and challenges. The opportunity to provide easily accessible safety guidance that offers accurate and precise information will always be accompanied by the need for highly complex infrastructure and systems behind it.

Aware of this, DBS then collaborated with SALT Indonesia, a Technology Developer company proven to have expertise in Cloud Engineering & Solution Architecture, to find the best solutions for developing this application and all its integrations.

Through this collaboration, DBS reflects its commitment to innovation and realizes that investment in safety technology is an obligation and a strategic step to create a safe and productive work environment.

Through Bespoke Technology Development service, SALT Indonesia began developing the Emergency Evacuation E-learning app with a highly structured and strategic approach.

The first step taken was to understand DBS's essential needs deeply. This process involved identifying the most urgent employee safety needs and evaluating the existing infrastructure and resources.

With this approach, SALT managed to prevent DBS from inefficiencies in terms of both time and costs, making every step taken based on thorough analysis to produce the most accurate and effective decisions.

Once the needs were clearly mapped, SALT chose Amazon Lightsail as the primary infrastructure solution for the cloud system.

Amazon Lightsail was chosen for its reliable and efficient capability in managing cloud-based applications and its ease of scaling according to needs. This platform is ideal for building applications from scratch, allowing SALT to create highly customized solutions tailored to DBS's specifications.

In this cloud system development, there are 2 main parts that SALT focuses on:

A. Web-based System Customization

The SALT Indonesia team customized the web-based application system to fit DBS's needs and specifications, including:

  • Intuitive Application Design Process
    Developing a user-friendly interface that focuses on user experience to ensure ease of use, especially during emergencies.
  • Technology & Safety Features Development Process
    Implementing the latest technologies ensures the application runs smoothly and effectively supports safety features.
  • Content & Digital Asset Management Process (Audio, Video, 2D & 3D Image)
    Developing and integrating 3D content for evacuation guidance, ensuring realistic visualization aids understanding.
  • System Testing Process
    Conduct rigorous testing to ensure all features function optimally and meet the highest standards.

B. Digital System Management

SALT is also responsible for developing and managing the overall DBS digital system, including using VPS (Virtual Private Server). This includes several crucial steps, such as:

  • Overall System Integration
    Connecting the app with other related systems to ensure seamless data transfer without obstacles.
  • DBS Infrastructure Migration Process
    Carefully migrating from the old DBS infrastructure to the new one to minimize operational disruptions during the transition.
  • Regular Maintenance Activities
    Performing routine maintenance ensures the app remains stable by continuously monitoring performance and quickly detecting and addressing issues.
  • App Security & Backup Enhancement
    Implement various security measures to protect app data and provide backup solutions to restore data promptly in case of system failure.

With this approach, SALT ensures that the Emergency Evacuation E-learning app operates optimally. All technical and operational aspects, from development to system management, are meticulously addressed to meet the highest standards.

Implementing the Emergency Evacuation E-learning app at DBS has had a significant positive impact, demonstrating how technology can directly enhance employee safety and well-being. This app is an auxiliary tool and an integral part of the workplace safety protocol.

One of the key features of this app is the interactive 3D guide. Through realistic visualization, employees can easily understand the best evacuation routes.

In emergency situations, confusion and uncertainty can lead to additional risks. However, with this 3D guide, employees can clearly see evacuation routes, reducing confusion and ensuring they can exit the building safely and quickly.

This application's success is not limited to increasing employee safety potential. From the development side, DBS also achieved significant cost efficiency.

Focusing on essential aspects and the precise direction from SALT enabled DBS to manage the development budget more effectively. Every step in the development process was based on actual needs and thorough analysis, avoiding resource wastage.

This success is also supported by a responsive and proactive support system that addresses various potential issues. SALT ensures the app is always in optimal condition through regular maintenance and continuous monitoring.

This support provides additional security for DBS, knowing they have a partner ready to help and ensure the app runs smoothly.

This application's long-term benefits increase employee safety and provide greater security, ultimately contributing to higher productivity and job satisfaction.

The success in developing and implementing the Emergency Evacuation E-learning app at DBS is a tangible proof of collaborative efforts combining insights, skills, and advanced technology to deliver innovative and effective solutions.

The SALT and DBS teams worked hard to ensure every app detail was designed and developed according to the needs. From selecting the most efficient infrastructure to comprehensive system management, every step was taken with a focus on optimal results.

This collaboration shows that with a strong dedication to innovation, we can create genuinely beneficial solutions. This app not only helps DBS improve workplace safety, but also supports them in a broader digital transformation journey.

Through collaboration and a commitment to innovation, let's welcome a digital future with SALT that will guide your business toward sustainable success.

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