Empowering the Culinary Industry with Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) Reward Strategy

Written byIkhsan Hanif

29 Apr 2024

Empowering the Culinary Industry with Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) Reward Strategy

The FMCG industry continues to transform, meeting the dynamic and increasingly competitive market needs through the quality of the products offered and the satisfying experiences provided to customers.

Unilever Food Solutions (UFS), a division of Unilever, is taking significant steps to strengthen their relationship with customers, especially with their partners in the culinary business, through innovative and revolutionary Loyalty System Development.

The collaboration between UFS and SALT Indonesia in developing this loyalty program marks the beginning of innovation in both the FMCG and culinary industries, creating a Business-to-Business (B2B) digital ecosystem that surpasses the expectations of the Indonesian market.

What's the story behind the development of UFS's Reward Program technology? Let's delve deeper!

Maintaining customer and business partner loyalty in the dynamic digital landscape presents a complex challenge, where loyalty often translates to long-term dedication to a brand.

Unilever Food Solutions smartly explores this opportunity. They strive to link this challenge to their mission of supporting sustainable growth in the global culinary industry.

By introducing a loyalty program as the Reward Program, Unilever recognizes and honors the trust and loyalty of B2B partner who have long interacted and transacted with their products.

This program is designed as Unilever's expression of gratitude to their loyal culinary business players, offering them more than just products; it also offers valuable experiences.

However, to truly optimize the effectiveness of this program, a comprehensive digital platform is required. This platform serves not just as a means to distribute points or gifts but as the core of a profound digital ecosystem, where UFS partners can access all related information, select and purchase quality raw materials, and exchange their points for various attractive rewards.

Every aspect of this platform is designed to provide solutions that meet and exceed Unilever partner's needs and expectations, making every interaction more meaningful and strengthening bonds with each shared experience.

Navigating through the sea of digital opportunities and challenges, Unilever Food Solutions has found a strategic collaborator in their innovation journey, SALT Indonesia.

SALT Indonesia serves not only as an architect and provider of technical solutions but also as a visionary craftsman capable of realizing UFS's digital dreams.

This collaboration culminated in the revolutionary Loyalty System Engine, a technology solution within the website designed to unify data from all customer interaction points into a centralized platform.

This system is not just a tool, but a bridge that connects Unilever with their loyal partners by dynamically tailoring offers and promotions based on each customer's unique behaviors and preferences.

Through this innovation, each interaction transcends mere transactions; it becomes a step in building deeper relationships, ultimately solidifying Loyalty to new heights.

The development process for the UFS Reward Program website began with a detailed exploration of the loyalty concept, where SALT Indonesia dissected every aspect of the to-be-developed Loyalty Point System, establishing a robust foundation for building a sustainable ecosystem.

SALT Indonesia took full responsibility for mapping and refining the architecture of this loyalty system. There are 4 technology developments implemented into the UFS website:

a. Loyalty System Engine

SALT Indonesia designed the Loyalty System Engine as the core of the UFS Reward Program, an advanced system managing everything from B2B business partner registration to point redemption for attractive rewards.

This system is engineered to provide a seamless and personalized experience, where each interaction is tailored based on historical data and user preferences. With sophisticated automation features, the system can offer real-time responses, making them feel uniquely valued and understood, strengthening their loyalty to the brand.

b. Web Commerce System

Supporting commercial transactions, the Web Commerce System developed by SALT Indonesia provides an intuitive platform that makes it easy for users to explore and purchase Unilever products according to their culinary business needs.

This system integrates with customized search and product recommendation features, allowing users to quickly and efficiently find the most relevant products. The optimized shopping cart and checkout process are designed to maximize sales conversions while providing a safe and enjoyable user experience.

c. Integrated Customer Database

The integrated user database is the foundation for the effectiveness of the Loyalty System Engine, providing a deep, holistic view of each partner.

This system compiles data from various sources, including historical transactions, personal preferences, and digital interactions, to form a complete profile.

With this centralized and integrated data, UFS can implement more targeted and effective marketing strategies, while ensuring high system performance and security without compromising partner privacy.

d. System Updates & Maintenance

SALT Indonesia provides ongoing system maintenance and updates to ensure that the UFS Reward Program remains relevant and effective amid fast-changing technology and market dynamics.

By continuously monitoring industry and technology trends, the system is regularly updated to add new features, enhance security, and optimize performance.

This ongoing effort ensures that the UFS loyalty platform continues to meet and exceed partner expectations and Unilever's business needs, keeping the system robust in the face of future challenges.

SALT Indonesia not only strengthens the Reward Program technologically, but also supports the loyalty campaigns presented by UFS. This brings good news through increased transactions and loyalty point accumulation, proving that technology and wisdom can go hand in hand in celebrating and valuing B2B business partner loyalty.

The innovative website platform developed for Unilever Food Solutions has revolutionized how the company interacts with their partners, significantly impacting business growth and the digital ecosystem over the long term.

More than just an information hub, this website has become a driving force in purchasing behavior, where business partner actively participate in the UFS ecosystem, competing to accumulate loyalty points.

A significant increase in purchasing behavior through the website indicates that partners visit not only for information, but also to shop and take advantage of every opportunity offered by the loyalty system to gain more benefits and rewards.

This success is measured not just by increased transaction statistics but also by higher engagement levels and the satisfaction they experience. Each point collected becomes evidence of a satisfying user experience, strengthening their relationship with Unilever Food Solutions and motivating them to keep returning.

The collaboration between Unilever Food Solutions and SALT Indonesia has become a tangible symbol of how adaptation and innovation driven by digital technology can enhance a company's position in a competitive market.

This partnership has successfully overcome the loyalty challenges faced by UFS and revolutionized how the company interacts with their business partners. UFS has opened new windows and created significant added value for customers, partners, and the company by implementing solutions focused on innovative technology and needs.

With each step taken, UFS has strengthened their relationship with partners and set new standards in user-centric service, proving that ongoing technological innovation is key to growth.

With collaboration and commitment to innovation, let's welcome the digital future with SALT Indonesia, guiding your business through challenges and toward sustainable success.

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