Brankas's Efficiency Strategy: Optimizing Best Talent Solutions

Written byIkhsan Hanif

Mar 22, 2024

Brankas's Efficiency Strategy:  Optimizing Best Talent Solutions

In the fintech world, the speed and efficiency of customer service are key to business success, where innovation and competition occur dynamically in line with increasingly complex challenges.

This is relevant to the case study of Brankas, a leading fintech company, which showcases how they enhanced their customer service standards and navigated operational challenges with the support of SALT Indonesia.

Let's explore this inspiring collaboration story and how SALT's Talent Augmentation solution became a game-changer in the fintech industry!

In the rapidly growing fintech industry, the ability of businesses to provide efficient customer service is not only an added value but also an absolute requirement for survival.

Brankas, one of the leading companies in the fintech industry, actively pursues excellence and innovation by tackling diverse and significant challenges.

They are tasked with managing many real-time customer interactions, with effectiveness and efficiency crucial for success.

In scenarios where prompt and precise customer responses are essential, a chance exists to enhance efficiency, despite resource constraints and restricted internal team capabilities.

Therefore, Brankas seeks innovative solutions to surmount operational challenges and elevate their performance.

In response to Brankas' challenges, SALT Indonesia presents a visionary solution, supported by track records of success in Digital Transformation and Business Technology.

The solution provided for Brankas comes from Talent Augmentation (Geekz) services, designed with a holistic approach that profoundly understands their dynamics and specific needs.

For SALT Indonesia, an effective solution goes beyond bridging the workforce gap. It involves strategically positioning the right talent with technical prowess and the capacity to contribute and seamlessly integrate into the Brankas work environment.

In this way, we guarantee that each individual placed is not merely a worker, but a proactive and innovative problem solver.

At SALT Indonesia, we employ a careful and quantifiable selection process to develop talent solutions that are both effective and efficient.

Upon comprehending Brankas's requirements, it was determined that the talent to be presented would be 2 Support Engineers level one (L1), possessing outstanding technical expertise and prepared to operate within a 24/7 shift system.

Leveraging SALT's expertise and commitment, we successfully identified and recruited top-tier individuals who fulfil these criteria, utilizing our Talent Outsourcing & Management strategy.

This enables Brankas to release the burden of human resource management and focus on other essential aspects, such as product development.

This way, SALT Indonesia guarantees that Brankas's customer service operations proceed seamlessly and efficiently, allowing their internal team to focus on innovation and business growth.

When 2 synergistic entities come together, the results often exceed expectations. That's what happened in the collaboration between Brankas and SALT Indonesia.

This synergy's positive impact is visible in numbers on paper and felt in various operational aspects of Brankas.

There has been a significant increase in their business operational efficiency, which means a faster and more accurate response to customer needs. This, in turn, results in a higher level of customer satisfaction, an achievement that is the primary goal of every business in the current era.

On the same side, with the solutions presented, the Human Resource division of Brankas becomes more efficient because the hiring process and the fulfilment of employee rights and obligations have been SALT's responsibility.

This success marks the beginning of a closer and more productive future collaboration. With tangible evidence of the effectiveness of the Talent Augmentation solution, SALT Indonesia's position as Brankas's strategic partner is increasingly solid.

It is hoped that this synergy can always maintain the high standards achieved while continuing to seek innovative ways to improve and optimize Brankas's services and products in the future.

The collaboration story between Brankas and SALT Indonesia is an inspiring example of overcoming operational barriers with the proper synergistic steps to trigger innovation and growth.

A deep understanding of client needs and applying the right solutions, as we have done in the Brankas case study, is the key to unlocking untapped potential.

This is tangible evidence of our commitment at SALT Indonesia always to be a reliable service provider and a strategic partner who understands and supports every step of our client's business growth.

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