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24 Oct 2024


As a DevOps Engineer, you play a crucial role in the software development lifecycle, facilitating collaboration between development and operations teams. Your primary responsibility is to streamline and automate the processes involved in building, deploying, and managing applications. By implementing DevOps practices, you contribute to the continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI/CD), and overall efficiency of the development pipeline. You are skilled in both software development and IT operations, ensuring a seamless and reliable delivery of high-quality software.


• Creating CI/CD Pipeline on Jenkins to helping developer have continuous delivery and integration
• Integrating developer CI/CD pipeline with automation testing (QA Engineer)
• Providing clear logging, metric and support team for monitoring system / application.
• Creating script for automation deployment and managing container
• Creating script for automation business reporting


• Candidate must possess at least Bachelor's Degree in Engineering (Computer/Telecommunication) or
• At least 1-2 Year(s) of working experience in the related field is required f or this position.
• Strong background in Linux/Unix Administration
• Experience with container technologies (e.g. docker )
• Experience with Jenkins and understand about Groovy language
• Great understanding DevOps practices and why to use them (e.g. CI,CD, Infrastructure as code, automatedtesting)
• Experience with at least some of our middleware and databases: NGINX, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, MySQL,Postgres
• Experience in contributing to the systems architecture
• Experience with application development (e.g. PHP, NodeJs, Golang) is plus
• Experience with Ansible (IT Automation tools) is a plus
• Experience with Sonarqube (Static code analysis) is a plus
• Experience with data visualization monitoring ( Eg. Kibana, Grafana, Promotheus) is a plus
• Experience with container orchestration ( Eg. Kubernetes) is a plus


• Opportunity to become a Permanent Employee
• Professional Development
• Hybird Work Arrangement
• Daily lunch at Work
• Device will be provided by Company