SALT's Role in Revolutionizing Indonesia's Business Landscape with AI

Written byIkhsan Hanif

Feb 19, 2024

SALT's Role in Revolutionizing Indonesia's Business Landscape with AI

There are companies that stand at the forefront of innovation, poised to reshape the nation's business landscape.

SALT, a leading digital marketing and technology group under the umbrella of RED Asia Inc., is playing a pivotal role in driving Indonesia's technological transformation through Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

With a profound commitment to fostering innovation and digital transformation, SALT is determined to elevate Indonesian businesses to compete locally and globally, all with AI's assistance. 

SALT and its sister companies Redcomm and Insignia have introduced a groundbreaking initiative known as "RED AI For Indonesia." 

This initiative seeks to bridge the gap between Indonesian businesses and AI technology, offering accessible tools and solutions that have the potential to revolutionize the way local markets conduct their operations. 

One of the cornerstones of this initiative is the launch of 3 AI technologies, a new service for AI-driven transformation, and a specialized funding program aimed at accelerating AI-based startups in Indonesia. 

Let's dig deeper into how SALT, under the RED AI For Indonesia banner, leads this transformative journey. 

SALTX.AI, a brainchild of SALT, has emerged as a pioneering solution designed to enhance business performance through AI integration. 

Its mission is to improve revenue streams, boost operational efficiency, drive data-driven decision-making processes, and enhance customer experiences. 

At its core, SALTX.AI adheres to the motto, "AI First, Human Assisted." In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, businesses in Indonesia must continually transform, and SALTX.AI is here to support this transformation through AI technology. 

Insignia, another company within the RED Asia Inc. family, introduces INSIGNIA IQ, an AI-powered Data Management Center. 

This innovative platform seamlessly connects various data sources, transforms data formats, and ensures the purity of data, all through a single, enhanced AI-driven transformation platform. 

INSIGNIA IQ also translates complex data sets into understandable narratives, making data-based insights accessible to individuals with varying levels of expertise. It transforms data from mere numbers into a language that speaks to all. 

Redcomm, a prominent digital marketing company in Indonesia, has unveiled RED-AINSTEIN, an AI Assistant that continuously learns from millions of data points. 

This AI assistant combines AI intelligence with Redcomm's 20 years of marketing knowledge to enhance the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns, from market research to competitive strategy and data-driven social media content. 

RED-AINSTEIN operates 24/7, uncovering marketing blind spots that may elude human marketers. It exclusively works within the Redcomm digital marketing team, elevating its services for clients by building an effective digital marketing ecosystem through AI marketing. 

ASK-DEA, an integral component of RED AI For Indonesia initiated by Redcomm, is a self-service AI-based digital marketing assistant tailored for SMEs and startups. 

It functions like having your own digital marketing agency generate customized ideas and strategies for marketing campaigns. From innovative campaign ideas to attention-grabbing marketing campaign strategies, ASK-DEA increases opportunities for Indonesian SMEs to distinguish themselves from competitors, especially in their early stages. 

As a support for the growth of SMEs in Indonesia, RED AI For Indonesia will grant ASK-DEA access to 100 SMEs, showcasing how AI can optimize their marketing campaigns. 

Last but not least, RED Asia Inc. introduces RED AI-VENTURES, a specialized acceleration program designed exclusively for the burgeoning AI sector in Indonesia. 

This program aims to identify and nurture early-stage AI startups that exhibit a strong AI-centric vision and possess unique technology and technical leadership. 

RED AI-VENTURES goes beyond mere capital investment; it is committed to propelling selected AI startups to unprecedented heights by providing them access to its extensive strategic network, direct operational support, and invaluable guidance from industry pioneers. 

Damon Hakim, Managing Partner of RED Asia Inc., emphasizes that AI-based startups from various industries can secure funding and operational assistance through this initiative. 

He notes, "We see AI as a technology that can be implemented across any industry. What matters most is the technical capabilities of the startup founders." 

Marco Wijaya, Co-founder and CEO of, also expressed his vision during this Press Conference RED AI for Indonesia, 

"We give opportunities to AI startups or founders of startups with expertise in AI technology, specifically. We want to build an AI ecosystem in Indonesia."

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Indonesia is on the brink of a technological revolution, and SALT, along with its sister companies under RED Asia Inc., is at the helm of this transformation. 

By breaking boundaries and empowering businesses with innovative technology, RED AI For Indonesia is ushering in a new digital innovation and change era. 

SALT's commitment to AI-driven transformation is a testament to the potential and advantages that AI can bring to Indonesian businesses, unlocking opportunities never imagined. 

As Indonesia continues to embrace AI, SALT's pioneering initiatives are set to shape the future of business in the nation and position it as a global competitor in the digital age.

If you are considering a business transformation & acceleration through AI integration, we're here to assist you.  

Explore our AI solutions to boost efficiency and elevate your business. Contact us for more information on how AI can shape the future of your business.


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