AI Adoption for Enterprises: “Overcoming AI Barriers in the Business Landscape”

Written byIkhsan Hanif

Feb 19, 2024

AI Adoption for Enterprises: “Overcoming AI Barriers in the Business Landscape”

The landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) adoption in enterprises has increasingly been scrutinized in recent months. 

Some research and surveys in 2023, drawing on the insights of data scientists and AI professionals, shed light on the challenges faced by organizations venturing into the realm of generative AI. 

Therefore, here are 4 key takeaways we highlighted from what is happening in today’s world of AI, especially for enterprises: 

Despite the buzz surrounding generative AI capabilities, in fact, some enterprises are taking a very cautious approach in AI adoption and its implementation. 

We recognize that only 10% of organizations have successfully launched generative AI solutions into production, a stark contrast to the high expectations associated with this transformative technology. 

Sectors such as Financial Services, Banking, Defense, and Insurance emerge as leaders in embracing AI solutions, enticed by the promises of enhanced efficiency and improved customer experiences. 

On the other side, Education, Automotive, and Telecommunication sectors appear hesitant, with AI tools initiatives still in their infancy. 

That is why we are also taking the initiative to encourage this sector to grow. 

Enterprises are starting to realize what obstacles organizations face on their AI journey. 

One of the obstacles was AI Infrastructure, which proved to be a significant bottleneck, with computer-intensive models taxing IT resources. 

Moreover, professionals in organizations acknowledge the need to improve skills to support the growing interest in AI language models, revealing a gap in proficiency. 

Chatbots and translation emerge as the top AI use cases, reflecting the advancements in generative AI adoption in 2023. 

However, we see only a third of organizations have deployed generative AI models to production. 

Furthermore, many organizations still have low AI integration, running five AI models or less, a figure that has not grown since 2022. 

While AI tools like ChatGPT or Midjourney create excitement around AI, in fact, there are still many challenges that enterprises must face. 

The road to AI integration involves overcoming hurdles related to skills, regulation, reliability, and infrastructure. 

As the industry strives to simplify tasks and remove complexity, there is optimism from SALT for a more seamless adoption of AI capabilities in the future.

If you're considering a business transformation & acceleration through AI integration, we're here to assist you. 

Explore our AI solutions to boost efficiency and elevate customer experiences. Contact us for more information on how AI can shape the future of your business.


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