A Digital Transformation Company

Salt Secret Recipe

Our solutions are generated by analyzing solid data and expertise of our people armed with cutting edge technologies, after all the science don’t lie!



The nature of distributed system and information technology is to adapt and enhance, it is our privilege to reinforce yours over an effective sustainable platform.



We believe your time and attention is worth more than doing trivial and repetitive tasks, our intelligent system will save both so you can focus on what is important for your customer.



A wise merchant’s sales are not finished when his item is sold, it begins when he inspires himself with better strategy to thrive even more, one that we proudly present.

Working Process

Measure twice, strike once, repeat



We believe that fact guided analysis is the way to resolve the root issue instead of merely meddling with the trivial vines of the problem.



Locating that sweet spot in your costumer heart is the best way to delight them with your product and it is our duty to make it possible for you.



The shot is delivered through agile cycle ensuring the refined ideas of ours and the valuable feedback of yours.



Oversee the performance through reports of data mining and measure the steps and opportunities for improvement

Digital Analytics 2.0

In this new digital, marketers who stick with traditional analytics 1.0 measurement are in dangerously outdated.
Digital Analytics 2.0 focusses on Attribution, Optimization and Allocation which provides ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS
that can be implemented immediately.

Digital Analytics 2.0


Actionable Insight

Powered by Behavioural Analysis, Persona Segmentation, Big Data, Integrated Platform and new Analytical Method,
Digital Analytics 2.0 will DEFINETELY increase your result GUARANTEED!